Spinal Cord Injury Program

Our interdisciplinary team treats all levels of spinal cord injury through our continuum of care. After transition from an acute care setting, we design individualized treatment plans for your continued care based on your condition. Through rehabilitation, we help you improve your physical mobility whether in a wheelchair or on your feet. Our team also works to manage or wean you from a ventilator or breathing device, manage pain, and treat any acquired brain injury.  We want you gain the independence you need to return to the community with confidence.

How high tech equipment can help you

We understand that a spinal cord injury can change the way you live your life. Our goal is not to just treat your injury, but care for you as a whole. We help you to achieve the fullest recovery possible so you can live a happy and independent life.

Spinal Cord Injury News

Sorry, there are current no press releases at this time. Please check back soon.

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Patient stories & experiences

Iunre Smart Jr.’s Story:
IJ's Smile

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