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Stroke Rehabilitation Program

Stroke Rehabilitation

After your stroke your individual needs are unique. That’s why our multidisciplinary team creates a care plan based on your rehabilitation and medical needs and updates the plan as your abilities improve. We provide inpatient stroke care at multiple levels as well as outpatient stroke care for when you may need further improvement or maintenance of your skills. You and your family will become knowledgeable in achieving and more importantly maintaining your highest level of function after a stroke.

How We Treat

We work to meet your individual needs for all stages of your recovery because we know a stroke can be a life changing event. Working together, our multidisciplinary team of physicians, nurses, therapists and more treat common problems associated with a stroke including dysphagia (swallowing impairment), aphasia (speech impairment), cognitive impairment, hemiplegia, or weakness and others. It is our goal to help you improve physically, emotionally and spiritually so you become advocates in your recovery and can return home.

  • Physical, occupational and speech/swallow therapists work with you to improve mobility, speech, swallowing/feeding issues and completing daily activities. Recreational therapists use recreational interventions to address needs.

  • Advanced equipment, including robotic technology is used to improve mobility, weakness and ability to complete daily activities. You may be assessed and set up for augmented and assistive communication (AAC) as needed.

  • We provide ongoing education throughout your recovery for you and your family, who may participate in your care after discharge.

Program Highlights


We develop a transition plan to fit your unique needs. Home care services and/or an outpatient rehabilitation programs are organized with patients who are discharged home. Some individuals may require additional inpatient rehabilitation services at a sub-acute level of care upon discharge. As you near discharge, your discharge plan will be well-coordinated to enable you to receive appropriate follow-up care.

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