Brain Injury

Neurobehavioral Program

Neurobehavioral Program

Our Neurobehavioral Program is an inpatient community reintegration program. After sustaining an acquired brain injury (ABI) you may find yourself struggling to control your emotions and behavior, which interferes with your ability to get along with others. Furthermore, you may have problems with attention, memory, and other aspects of thinking which hinder your ability to complete tasks. Our interdisciplinary team’s goal is to help you manage and stabilize your emotions and behaviors when challenges arise. We work to help you establish coping strategies, regain life skills, and develop healthy lifestyle habits which are necessary for healthy well-being.

How We Treat

As a holistic neurorehabilitation program, we integrate a variety of techniques to enhance the mind, body, and spirit. Through individual and group therapies we work to understand who you are in the world and where you are struggling. It is our goal to help you enhance your quality of life and live your life in the community. Our interdisciplinary team will empower you to participate in your healing so you can better regulate your emotions and learn to complete daily activities with appropriate supports. You will have the opportunity to work with our behavioral specialists, nurses, social worker, physiatrist, psychiatrist, psychologist and neuropsychologist, as well as speech and occupational therapists, and certified therapeutic recreation specialists.

  • Using principles of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy we help you to become more aware of and change your patterns of thinking, feeling, and/or behavior that may be causing difficulties.

  • Speech/language pathologists work with you to improve speech and communication skills.

  • Occupational therapists help you become more independent in completing daily activities.

  • Therapeutic recreation specialists help individuals to pursue leisure activities, establish healthy fitness routines.

Program Highlights
  • A variety of group therapies including: Emotional Regulation, Problem-Solving, Wellness Awareness, Brain Injury Acceptance, Current Events in Health, and Critical Thinking
  • Daily opportunities to practice relaxation strategies
  • A daily structured schedule of individual and group therapies
  • Weekly outings into the community with staff
  • Use of the Aquatic and Fitness Center
  • Support Groups
  • Use of reinforcers to enhance motivation


The Neurobehavioral Program is suitable for adults (18 and older) who have a documented diagnosis of ABI and demonstrate emotional and behavioral disturbances that interfere with placement in a less restrictive setting and require a secure environment. Prospective patients must have an involuntary conservator of person and estate, and be Medicaid-eligible.

Neurobehavioral Program Admissions Application


Our ultimate goal is to re-integrate you into the community with the minimal level of supportive services that you need to maintain a successful life. We work with service providers to find the appropriate community supports to facilitate your transition. If you are unable to return home, we will discuss alternative discharge options with you, your conservator, and your family.

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