Brain Injury

Center for Cognitive Health

Memory Loss Program

Memory loss, changes in thinking abilities, and changes in personality may make it difficult for you or your loved one to manage everyday life. Such changes result from various neurological and psychological conditions, including Alzheimer’s, vascular changes, and Parkinson’s disease. We work with you to treat cognitive decline, emotional health, language abilities, and functional changes associated with advancing age.

We Address the Following:
  • Cognitive decline (memory loss, decreased attention)
  • Communication problems (difficulty with word-finding)
  • Personality changes (social withdrawal, irritability, impulsivity)
  • Difficulty with everyday activities (finances, meal preparation)

How We Treat

A clinical neuropsychologist works with a multi-disciplinary team to design individualized treatment plans. We work with you and your loved one to diagnose and treat identified needs.

  • Clinical neuropsychologists diagnose and evaluate current thinking abilities and assess emotional health needs.

  • Sessions with rehabilitation psychologists build strategies for emotional regulation and problem-solving.

  • Occupational therapists evaluate and create treatment plans to maximize activities of daily living including modifications or adaptations.

  • Speech therapists evaluate and treat changes in remembering, speaking, and swallowing.

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