Visiting Information



Separation from loved ones during the COVID-19 global pandemic has been extremely challenging for everyone in the Hospital for Special Care community. Your cooperation and support have helped us keep patients safe. Your continued patience and cooperation with this process is greatly appreciated, please note these guidelines can change at any time.

These guidelines apply to visits with adult patients on our medical care units. For specific visiting information for our Autism Inpatient or Neuro behavioral Units please contact the unit social worker directly. For specific visiting information for our complex pediatric care unit, click here.

What you need to know before you visit:



  • Visiting hours at the Main Campus are 11am-2pm, 4pm-7pm, 7 days per week. Visiting hours at the HFSC Satellite are 12pm-3pm, 5pm-8pm, 7 days per week.
  • Visiting hours are designed to keep ALL patients safe, please contact social worker for unit specific details – no exceptions can be permitted
  • Visitors need to leave promptly at the end of their visit (Please refrain from socializing with other visitors while inside the facility)
  • Your patience and understanding are essential (and appreciated)

  • 2 Visitors are allowed at a time
  • Visitors must be 12 years of age or older
  • Visitors between the ages of 12-15 years of age need to be with a supervising adult at all times
  • Please coordinate visitor schedules and consider patient care needs when planning your visit
  • First time visitors at the HFSC Satellite located at 500 Blue Hills Avenue, Hartford must coordinate their initial visit in advance
  • Documented certified service animals are the only animal visitors allowed

  • If a patient requires prolonged care during the visiting hours, visitors will be asked to step out of the hospital and return at an agreed upon time
  • Care activities that would result in asking visitors to step out include the following:
    • Personal Hygiene Care
    • Eating/Feeding (if patient and/or visitors not fully vaccinated)
    • Skilled Therapy Sessions
    • Group Activities
  • Please consider your loved one’s care needs when planning your visit


  • Visitors should not visit if they have symptoms of any illness
  • COVID positive patients are not allowed in-person visitation
  • Safety is our first priority – we will suspend your visit in progress if you are not able to comply with all safety guidelines


What to expect during your visit:




  • Wear your own mask to the hospital
  • You will be given a surgical mask that is required to be worn indoors during your visit
  • Your mask must cover your nose and mouth at all times when in the hospital
  • Patients will wear a mask too if it can be safely tolerated

  • Check in AND out at main entrance
  • You will be given a COVID-19 screening (questionnaire and temperature)
  • Bring your ID (required for visitor badge)
  • You will receive a visitor pass (in addition to a visitor badge), which must be returned to the front desk when you leave the hospital

  • Wash your hands when entering/exiting the building and patient room

  • Stay in the patient room ONLY – you cannot visit other patients or other areas of the unit or hospital with the exception of approved outdoor visits on a case by case basis

What to expect based on COVID-19 vaccination status:

 Fully Vaccinated = 14 days past dose 2 of Moderna/Pfizer or 14 days past receiving J&J COVID vaccines

Visitors must provide COVID-19 vaccination status information in order to follow the “Fully Vaccinated” guidelines below.

  • Provide your vaccine record including vaccination date(s) and lot number(s) on paper or show it to us on your mobile device when you check in at the front lobby
Patient OR Visitors
  • Maintain six feet social distancing at all times – touching the patient or  providing patient care increase infection risk and cannot be permitted
Fully Vaccinated
Patient AND Visitors
  • There are no social distancing requirements
  • Patient may remove their mask to eat a meal (visitors need to keep masks on)
  • Patient care will only be permitted as part of a training or education program, with the exception of feeding on an individual basis
  • Family housing at our Family Guest House
  • Good Cause Gifts shop
  • Taking photographs, video and audio recordings are not allowed to ensure patient privacy
  • Our campus is smoke and tobacco-free; vapor products and electronic cigarettes are also prohibited


Main Campus

2150 Corbin Ave
New Britain, CT 06053

Our main campus is home to our inpatient units, outpatient physician’s clinics and therapy facility, aquatic therapy and regular pools, and the fitness center.

Hartford Satellite

500 Blue Hills Avenue
Hartford, CT 06112
(On the Mount Sinai Campus of St. Francis Hospital and Medical Center)

The 23-bed satellite unit provides additional treatment and services for patients requiring 24-hour nursing care and/or rehabilitative services for their medically-complex conditions and health needs.