Ventilator Management & Weaning

Ventilator Management & Weaning Program

You or your loved one may require mechanical ventilation due to multi-system problems or varying lung diseases that require ongoing treatment after acute care. Our team works to monitor, reduce or eliminate your dependence on oxygen through an artificial airway, ventilator or other breathing machine so you can live a full and rewarding life.

How We Treat

Our interdisciplinary team works with you to develop individualized goals. We provide intensive nursing and respiratory care based on your needs and if you or your loved one has the potential to be weaned from a ventilator, our team will help you reach that goal. Through rehabilitation for your lungs and physical rehabilitation followed by continued outpatient services when needed, we stabilize your condition so you can assimilate back into the community.

  • Therapeutic recreational activities are offered as well as occupational, speech and language, and physical therapy as needed. You will work closely with a respiratory therapist to implement the best treatment plan for you.

  • We’ll work with you to manage your medications and their affects and help you understand your treatment.


The goal is to get you discharged home. If unable to go home, we will discuss alternative discharge options with you and your family. We provide the necessary training to caregivers, home healthcare agencies, and other providers to facilitate your transition back to the community.

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