Cardiac Care

Cardiac Program

Cardiac Program

Our interdisciplinary team works together to help you improve your ability to complete daily activities independently. We care for those who require the use of LVAD’s, or Left Ventricular Assistive Devices’, those who have had heart failure, cardiac surgery, need home infusions or those who have other complex cardiac needs. Our goal is to get you back into the community, able to maintain good health and well-being to reduce your hospital readmissions.

How We Treat

Our physicians, nurses and therapists work together to help you return to an active and independent community life through a regimen of medicinal therapy, as well as physical and occupational therapies. We not only work to improve your cardiac health through rehabilitation, but we also provide guidance and education for both you and your family to manage your heart disease after your care. This learning process gives you the tools you need to maintain an active and independent lifestyle at home.

  • Individual and group therapeutic recreational activities are offered as well as occupational, speech and language, and physical therapy as needed.

  • Our pharmacists work with you to manage your medications and their affects and help you understand your treatment.

  • Our registered dietitians educate you about making healthy food choices to sustain a healthy diet and lifestyle to improve long-term health and well-being.

Program Highlights


Our goal is to get you transitioned back into the community and home. Home care services and/or outpatient rehabilitation programs are established or additional inpatient rehabilitation at a subacute level of care is planned to continue rehabilitation or care as needed.

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