Coronavirus/COVID-19 Updates

Knowledge is Power – Stay Informed

The health and safety of our patients and staff remain at the center of what we do.


Make sure to check this page often. We are providing regular updates regarding COVID-19 information from experts on our staff, protections in place here at HFSC and resources for additional information. 

Vaccination Update:

Please visit the State of Connecticut website to learn more about vaccination eligibility, options to register for a vaccine and other news and updates.

General information:

In general, access to our facilities and campuses remains limited. Help us keep everyone safe and do not visit our building or grounds unless you are: an employee, an approved vendor/contractor, have a scheduled outpatient visit, or a scheduled visitation.

Unauthorized visitors will be asked to leave the property.

Important Updates


Visitation has been updated as of March 15, 2021. Please visit here for Visiting Information. Your continued patience and cooperation with this process is greatly appreciated.

Outpatient Visits

Our outpatient programs are open. We are also offering telehealth appointments. Please call 860-827-4924 to make a telehealth appointment in the Outpatient Clinic and 860-832-6258 for a telehealth appointment in Outpatient Rehab Therapies or to inquire about other options.

Requesting Medical Records

We strongly encourage individuals requesting medical records to submit the request via fax at 860-827-4811 or email at [email protected] Detailed instructions, such as required information to include with the request, may be found on the Medical Records section of our website.


Updates on Community Programs and Events

Helpful Resources