Telehealth Services

Telehealth: Delivering Therapy Safely

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we have taken steps to meet your healthcare needs in a safe environment. Many rehabilitation treatments can be performed via telehealth. Telehealth, a live 1:1 video appointment with your physical, occupational, or speech therapist provides you with the ability to continue therapy in the comfort, convenience, and safety of your own home. Depending on your individual needs, we are able to provide all on-site appointments in a safe, modified environment, all telehealth appointments, or a mixture of both. Ask your therapist if telehealth may be an option for you.

Please call 860-827-4924 to make a telehealth appointment in the Outpatient Clinic and 860-832-6258 for a telehealth appointment in Outpatient Rehab Therapies or to inquire about other options.

Frequently asked Questions

Most private insurances, Medicare and Medicaid recognize the importance and are now covering telehealth. Our front office will verify insurance benefits and any pre-authorization required.
You will need a smartphone, computer, or tablet that has a video camera and microphone with internet access. We use the ZOOM platform which is easy to use, and HIPPA compliant. Our front office will show you how to access and assist you in this process.
At your designated appointment date and time, you will receive an email link to sign on to your appointment. Before your appointment begins make sure to: • Find a quiet place in your home free from distractions with sufficient lighting. • Dress in comfortable clothes and shoes that will allow you to complete PT/OT exercises • Have any equipment or materials ready that your therapist directed you to have.
Each of your appointments are generally the same length as in-person appointments.
• Allows you to continue your progress in therapy through COVID concerns, childcare or transportation issues, as well as bad weather. No need to cancel. • Allows your physical and/or occupational therapists to familiarize themselves with your home set up and create home programs specific to your space, equipment and abilities to address your physical functioning. • Addresses activities of daily living that occur in your home. Occupational therapists can assist in making modifications and recommendations to improve your independence. • Speech therapy can be easily modified for telehealth and eliminate masks which can be difficult with some activities on-site. • Allows participation of family members/caregivers who are unable to accompany you to on-site visit.

About Telehealth from our Therapists