When people come to us, they have extraordinary needs that require special care. They may need rehabilitation services after they've had a serious injury or accident, suffered a stroke, or developed complicated medical conditions. They may require intensive respiratory care. Or they may be children who have complex medical conditions or are dependent on technology.

Medical Rehabilitation Services

When faced with rehabilitation needs resulting from a complex medical problem, our inpatients find programs and services designed to help them regain independence. Our multidisciplinary team applies a specialized program for each patient designed to optimize independence after a complex injury or medical problem. More Information

Outpatient Services

Outpatient programs at HSC serve people who have had an illness or accident and are continuing their recovery process and rebuilding lives. It also is for those who have suffered work-or sports-related injuries and require therapy or coaching on body mechanics. More Information

Hartford Satellite

The satellite is specially designed to provide cutting-edge rehabilitative services to patients in the greater Hartford area suffering from medically-complex conditions and health needs and who require a specialized, multidisciplinary team approach from an exceptional staff of highly-skilled medical professionals. More Information