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Jay Buth

Jay Buth: I Have My Life Back

In January 2022, Jay was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. He received eight rounds of chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery to remove the cancer. He is now cancer free.

Jay’s story, however, doesn’t end there. A complication occurred as a result of the surgery, which led to sepsis. He spent two months in an intensive care unit where he was bedridden, losing his ability to walk and use fine motor skills. That’s when he came to Hospital for Special Care.

His multidisciplinary team at HFSC worked with him to rebuild his strength, improve his balance, and get him back to his family. “The proudest thing I had during this road to recovery was demonstrating to my wife, walking with the cane, walking without the cane, walking up my first flight of stairs, just showing her that I could do things, and that was pretty special.” Today, he continues to work on walking on his own and improving his golf swing.

He says he cannot thank the staff enough for the care he received. “You’re helping me get my life back. And I am so grateful to the nurses assistants, to the nurses, to the PTs, the OTs to the doctors, I am so just thankful for all the care I received, the empathy, the support….it was so meaningful and so impactful.”