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Ally Gomes

Laughing Again

Ally and her family had reached crisis. Ally has autism spectrum disorder, and was unable to express her needs in a safe and healthy way, leading to unsafe behaviors. Jackie, Ally’s mom, Jackie, says her family reached rock bottom; they no longer knew how to help their daughter. Jackie sought out help from Hospital for Special Care.

Ally was admitted to the Autism Inpatient Unit where she received medical care, behavioral interventions, and learned healthy coping skills. Jackie’s family also attended regular caregiver training sessions. “You have to apply an approach that is totally different than what you’ve been doing before, because what we were doing before wasn’t working. We hit rock bottom. So, we subscribed to everything that they taught us.”

After three months, Ally was able to transition back home with her family with new found emotional, behavioral, communication, and daily-living skills. “Hospital for Special Care reached her, and we knew we got our girl back.”