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Hospital for Special Care COVID-19 Alert

March 13, 2020

For the most recent updates please visit: Coronavirus/COVID-19 Updates

Hospital for Special Care (HFSC) has taken all appropriate measures to ensure preparedness for patient care and staff safety throughout the flu season and as the COVID-19 or coronavirus situation has developed. We have implemented a comprehensive infection prevention and risk reduction strategy to maximize the safety of our highly vulnerable patient population. This comprehensive strategy, informed by our infectious disease specialists and the latest information provided by the State of Connecticut Department of Public Health and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, includes, but is not limited to, the following measures:

  • HFSC has suspended all visits to our inpatient units to reduce the risk of infection for our patients. We understand that this is an inconvenience to patients and families and we want to express our sincere thanks to all for their support and   cooperation as we act with an abundance of caution to keep patients safe.
  • Our operating policies require staff to stay out of work when ill to protect our patients and staff.  We have instituted a ban on out of state business travel for hospital employees and are limiting participation in events with large groups.
  • We have instituted travel, exposure and isolation protocols for all hospital employees related to personal travel to high risk areas, exposure to individuals with cold or flu-like symptoms, or experiencing symptoms.
  • We maintain a frequent disinfection schedule for high touch areas in addition to standard cleaning and disinfection protocols.
  • We maintain a sufficient supply of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to support safe and effective operation of all clinical services for an extended duration if needed.
  • We have temporarily suspended volunteer services, suspended many student clinical placements, postponed non-essential vendor visits and have shifted many meetings to telephone or electronic formats to reduce the number of visitors to our campus.
  • We have temporarily suspended recreational out-trips for hospital patients.
  • We have cancelled or relocated support groups and other activities from the hospital main campus to our Research & Education Center.
  • We have cancelled or postponed a variety of activities to help reduce opportunities for disease transmission in the community.

We are providing regular updates regarding COVID-19 information from experts on our staff, protections in place here at HFSC and resources for additional information at Coronavirus/COVID-19 Updates.

Leadership Statements:

Lynn Ricci

Lynn Ricci, FACHE

President and Chief Executive Officer

We have a responsibility to our patients to be proactive in our efforts to prevent infection and reduce risk. Our patients are among the most vulnerable individuals in our community due to their extremely complex medical situations. They and their families rely on us to make data-driven decisions based on the best information available. Many families have expressed their thanks to us for taking this step. I am extremely grateful to them for their understanding and I am incredibly proud of every one of our employees for their extraordinary efforts to support patients, families and one another.

Dr Brenda Nurse

Brenda Nurse, MD

Chief of Infectious Diseases and Infection Prevention and Control

See video statement available online: Coronavirus/COVID-19 Updates


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