COVID-19 Recovery

COVID-19 Recovery

Joe Pandolfe, a 71-year old small business owner, husband, father, and grandfather of seven spent 42 days in the hospital fighting the effects of COVID-19.  He was put on a ventilator for 17 days to keep him alive and on May 5th, he went home. “This is probably one of the happiest days of my life,” Pandolfe said, “there are just so many well wishers and the prayers — and support really matters.”

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We discharged our first rehabilitated COVID-19 patient from their COVID-19 recovery unit April 29. Michael Kelly, a 63 year old father of 3 had been in acute care for weeks after being diagnosed with COVID-19 in early March. Staff sent him home with a special celebration.

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When Ellen came to HFSC she couldn’t walk. Two weeks later, on May 6th, she went out the door COVID-free and walking with Carrie Underwood’s The Champion playing throughout the hallways.

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Pat was the first patient admitted to our COVID-19 unit. On May 6th she went home! Pat walked out of the building to the tune of The Road’s My Middle Name. Welcome home Pat!

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