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Mar 16 Notice from CEO Lynn Ricci Regarding COVID-19/Coronavirus

March 16, 2020
Lynn Ricci
A Notice from CEO Lynn Ricci Regarding COVID-19/Coronavirus Released March 16, 2020
Our patients are among the most vulnerable individuals in our community due to their extremely complex medical situations. They and their families rely on us to make data-driven decisions based on the best information available.
That is why we have taken all appropriate measures to ensure preparedness for patient care and staff safety during the COVID-19/coronavirus outbreak. We have implemented a comprehensive infection prevention and risk reduction strategy, informed by our infectious disease specialists as well as state and national experts, to maximize safety. The health and safety of our patients and staff continues to remain at the center of what we do.
We have suspended all visits to our inpatient units to reduce the risk of infection for our patients. Screening measures and protocol have been put in place to protect our patients coming for outpatient care as well as our staff. Community activities for the remainder of this month have been cancelled.
We commend the families of our patients for their understanding and support of these efforts to keep everyone safe. We must all be willing to make good decisions about risk reduction for ourselves and our families, and we must remain committed to supporting our colleagues and neighbors.
Regular updates regarding COVID-19, information from experts on our staff, protections in place here at HFSC and resources for additional information can be found at Coronavirus/COVID-19 Updates.
We are grateful for our staff’s extraordinary efforts to support patients, families, their colleagues and the community.
We must continue to remain calm and maintain rigorous infection prevention and risk reduction actions. We must remember to exercise appropriate self-care to maintain good health – including hydration, nutrition, rest and appropriate social distancing.
We will continue to rebuild lives here at HFSC, during this crisis and for many years to come. We will do it together.
Thank you,
Lynn Ricci, FACHE
President and CEO


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