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SPEAK OUT!® Therapy Program

SPEAK OUT!® Therapy Program

Hospital for Special Care is pleased to offer a speech therapy program to help individuals with Parkinson’s regain and maintain effective communication: SPEAK OUT!® Therapy Program.

The SPEAK OUT!® Therapy Program, developed by Parkinson Voice Project, helps people with Parkinson’s regain and retain their speech and swallowing. The program combines education for the patient and family, individual speech therapy, daily home practice using workbooks, flashcards, and online practice sessions, weekly speech groups, and regular re-evaluations.


For more information about SPEAK OUT!® Therapy Program, please call Krista Orszulak 860-827-1958 x4071. To schedule a speech evaluation please call the outpatient office at 860-832-6258.


Learn more about the Parkinson Voice Project at: Parkinson Voice Project