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Pediatric Speech Pathology

Pediatric Speech Pathology

We work with children who have developmental delays, autism spectrum disordersneuromuscular disorders, genetic disorders or brain injury to improve communication, speech and feeding/swallowing. Your family is an integral part of the treatment process and you are encouraged to be an active participant in therapy sessions to promote positive home-carryover of your child’s learned skills.


A child who is struggling with communication may find it is impacting functioning at home, in the community and academically. If your child is having difficulty producing speech, having a conversation, paying attention, problem solving, remembering or has an impaired voice quality or smooth flow of speech, your child may have a communication issue. Our dedicated, experienced team of pediatric speech pathologists complete comprehensive evaluations to assess the speech, voice, language and cognitive deficits unique to each individual child.

Feeding and Swallowing

Meal time and meeting nutritional needs can be a struggle when a child has difficulty eating a wide variety of foods (picky eating), has sensitivity to certain tastes, textures and temperatures, or swallowing. We offer assessments and treatment plans that are tailored to support your child and family’s specific needs. Our Sequential-Oral Sensory-Approach-to-Feeding trained therapists offer a holistic approach to treat your child’s developmental patterns, sensory needs and oral motor functioning. Therapy is child-driven and focuses on offering your child a variety of tastes, textures and food groups to build a balanced range of preferred foods.

How We Treat

After completing oral motor assessments, clinical assessments and Modified Barium Swallows as needed, treatment plans are then designed to meet the child’s needs working collaboratively with physicians, families, schools and any other community providers.

  • We offer assessment with Augmentative and Alternative Communication Services (AAC) if your child has a limited ability or are not able to speak and will recommend and train your child and your family/caregivers in its use.

  • We teach your family/your child’s caregiver the skills you need to be a successful communicator and how to maintain feeding and swallowing safety in your own environment.