It’s difficult enough when an adult is suffering from a long-term medical condition. But when the patient is a child, the emotional strain is far more profound. As a parent, you want the best possible care without depriving your child of the physical, emotional and intellectual development that is so much a part of their formative years.

As Hospital for Special Care, our commitment to treating the individual can make the difference between a child simply recovering, and also developing intellectually and socially. Our pediatric care program has been specifically created to serve medically-complex and medically-fragile infants and children.  The Stanley Black & Decker Pediatric Unit is designed for optimum monitoring but, just as important, provides and environment that is nurturing, stimulating and encourages socialization.

While most of the children in our program are technology-dependent and require specialized pulmonary care, our complex pediatric care services cover a wide array of other medical conditions. Services include a developmental pediatrician, pediatric pulmonologist, respiratory therapists, pediatric nutrition, pediatric nurses and certified nursing assistants well as therapeutic recreation and physical, occupational and speech therapists. We also provide case management, social work and educational services, as well as regular on-site consultation by an array of pediatric sub specialists.

Because there is nothing more important to a child than knowing their family is there for them, we keep family members intimately involved in the care process. Together, we formulate and agree to treatment and therapy plans.