When are visiting hours?

Hospital visiting hours are from 12 p.m. to 8 p.m. daily. Visits to some units must be arranged in advance. Please contact the patient's unit prior to your first visit to ask about restrictions. We ask that all visitors respect the rights of our patients and staff.

Are flowers allowed in patient rooms?

Most patients may have flowers in their rooms. Please check with a member of the Special Care Team to be sure flowers can be given to a particular patient.

Are there social areas where family members can visit?

Specific areas have been identified for socializing, including community rooms, courtyards and pathways throughout the campus. There are also private rooms that patients and families can arrange to use. Use of these areas can be discussed with the patient's nurse or case manager.

The Health Sciences Library & Resource Center, just off the main lobby offers educational materials and computer access. A media room a private, cozy, and comfortable setting for patients and families to watch a movie or to use the Wii® Fit equipment.

Can cell phones be used at HSC?

Many areas of HSC are "cell-phone friendly", meaning cellular telephones (and other radio frequency transmitting devices) may be used except in patient care areas. Signs at the entrances to patient units and other areas will state whether these devices may be used by visitors to the area. Cellular telephones must be turned completely off before entering patient rooms or treatment rooms.

To promote a safe patient environment, cellular telephones are prohibited in interior areas where patient care is provided, in order to prevent interference with sensitive patient care equipment. Visitors may notice HSC employees using hospital-owned devices. This equipment has been approved for use and is the only exception to the policy.

To ensure the privacy of all our patients, the taking of photographs or recordings is not allowed. The use of cellular telephones or other equipment to take pictures, transmit images (such as Instagram or Facetime), or make recordings of any patient or other individual is prohibited in any hospital area. Visitors may request an exception by talking with the manager of the patient's unit.

Is there a place for visitors to eat?

A full-service cafeteria is available to visitors and staff. Offerings include hot entrees, grilled items, sandwiches, salads, desserts and beverages. Coffee and soda vending machines are located near the cafeteria. The Espress Café coffee shop is open Monday-Friday 6:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

May visitors bring food for patients?

Depending on a patient's diet, visitors may be permitted to bring in food from outside the hospital for patients to eat. Visitors should ask the patient's nurse for dietary restrictions prior to bringing food or snacks for a patient.

What guest facilities are there in the area?

HSC has its own Family Guest House right on the campus. Speak to an admitting nurse or case manager about these accommodations. In addition, there are several hotels within a short distance of the hospital in Farmington, downtown New Britain, Southington and Plainville.

Is smoking or vaping allowed at HSC?

HSC is a smoke and tobacco free campus. State law prohibits smoking and use of electronic cigarettes or vapor products on hospital premises. Please refrain from using tobacco, cigarettes, e-cigarettes or vapor products of any type in our buildings, outdoor areas or parking lots.