“Never say no to a difficult problem and always say yes to an opportunity for improvement.”

In 1998 our presidents and the chairman of the Board of Directors made this statement. It reflected the past – the founders of The New Britain Rest Home never gave up on what they believed was possible. The statement served as an affirmation to everyone at Hospital for Special Care in 1998, and continues as a guiding light even today.

In 1938, it could have been winter, spring, summer or fall, somewhere in New Britain, two friends and devoted professionals, both with strong ties to the community, entertained a discussion to build a hospital in New Britain where Catholic physicians could practice the art and science of medicine without time restrictions.

Then, the Honorable Mayor George J. Coyle and Dr. William J. Watson, a general surgeon, planted the seed and conceptualized what today the world has come to know as Hospital for Special Care (HSC). A temporary “Rest Home” originally licensed as a General Hospital, our facility initially cared for indigent patients lingering in the “Town Home,” also known as the “Poor House”. Later it served as the region’s primary facility for victims of the polio epidemic. Today, with locations in both New Britain and Hartford, Connecticut, HSC is the only long-term acute-care (LTAC) hospital in the nation serving adults and children. Mayor Coyle and Dr. Watson would be profoundly proud of the facility that grew from their idea.

Hospital for Special Care is grateful for the leadership and patient care provided by dedicated employees for 75 years. If it is true that society will judge us by how well we care for those less fortunate, then this healthcare organization has done an admirable job!!

Please click on captions to see a detailed timeline for each decade:

1938-1940s A Temporary Rest Home for TB Sufferers
1950s The Rehabilitation Program Begins
1960s Children are Admitted & The Age of Medicare
1970s Hospital Expansions Plans
1980s A Decade of Crisis and Opportunities
1990s A Time of Revolutionary Change & 50 Years of Service
2000s Beyond Expectations
Leadership Superintendents and Presidents CEO's of HSC
2010 - current Honoring the Past – Building for the Future