Manes & Motions offers a variety of programs to meet the diverse needs of the community we serve. Our certified team of instructors and trained volunteers use our gentle horses as the principal “therapists” to accomplish goals and objectives specific to each individual’s needs and reinforce goals established by their educators and therapists. Additionally, a focus is placed on building confidence and promoting compassion for others through the horse and human connection. Our services include:

  • Therapeutic Riding: This mounted program offers private, semi-private, or small cohesive groups ranging between 30-45 minutes in length. Sessions focus on activities which incorporate individual goals to promote physical strength, learning and behavioral goals. Sessions may include exercises, horsemanship skill development, trail riding and games on horseback. An unmounted learning session is typically included each semester to incorporate horse care.
  • Unmounted Horsemanship Program: A skill based program that takes place on the ground (no riding). Sessions focus on learning safe horsemanship, building confidence and providing a positive learning experience. Sessions may be private (30 minutes), semi-private, or group (45 minutes). Unmounted curriculum topics incorporate learning horse communication, safe horse handling, and the basics of good care including grooming, first aid, feeding, etc.
  • Equine-Assisted Learning (EAL): The nature of horses and how they interact with humans provides us with valuable life lessons. The focus of EAL is promoting self-awareness, developing life skills and building confidence, which is accomplished through experiential learning activities with our therapy horses and professional staff. Each session carries a theme such as reading non-verbal language, developing empathy, trusting relationships, and critical thinking skills. Sessions are customized to meet identified goals of participants and range from 30 minute private weekly sessions to half day group programs.
  • Horse Adventure! Summer Program: This four-morning session in August is designed to bring children with and without special needs together to promote acceptance of self and others, provide team building experiences, and encourage self-expression while having fun learning to ride and care for horses. Previous riding experience is not required.

What to expect during your sessions: