HSC is proud to be one of the few facilities in the region to offer this exciting treatment tool for our patients with neurological impairments including stroke, spinal cord injury, and traumatic brain injury as well as orthopedic rehabilitation for joint replacement, fractures, and arthritis. The Body Weight Support Elliptical Trainer is a wonderful advancement in technology benefitting both our patients and the therapists who treat them. For our patients the Trainer has allowed a level of early upright mobility that they have never had. This improves their cardiovascular fitness and enhances their potential for possible recovery of walking ability. For our therapists, the Trainer requires much less physical strain than traditional ambulation training. The freedom from these physical demands allows the therapists to manually facilitate movement at a variety of joints and offers the ability to better analyze the patients’ movement pattern impairments.

To use the Body Weight Support Elliptical Trainer, patients need a prescription for physical therapy from their physician. We then will arrange for an evaluation with one of our qualified physical therapists to ensure the patient will be able to safely use this tool as a part of their treatment plan of care.

For further information about our Outpatient Rehabilitation Services or to schedule an appointment please call 860-832-6258.