The Maximilian E. & Marion O. Hoffman Foundation Outpatient Center includes a state-of-the-art, fully accessible 27,000 square-foot Aquatic Rehabilitation and Fitness Center (ARC), featuring two pools, the fitness pool and the therapy pool. The fitness pool is deeper and set at a cooler temperature, and the therapy pool is designed for standing exercise and is set at a warmer temperature. The aquatic setting provides decreased pressure on the body's joints and allows better tolerance for exercise. In addition, the warmer temperature of the therapy pool (92-94 degrees) provides pain relief and reduces muscle tension in affected areas. Physical and occupational therapies are provided by specially-trained therapists who will adapt your program as you improve.

Therapy is initiated on land for the first appointment to establish a baseline status and discuss expectations with therapy. A course of treatment may include aquatic therapy only, aquatic therapy for a specific amount of time with eventual progression to land therapy, or a combination of aquatic and land therapy.

The ARC offers handicap parking and accessibility by elevator or side ramp entrance. The facility features handicap accessible locker rooms and customized changing areas for people who need assistance from an accompanying aide or family member. Our pools are also easily accessible and offer multiple methods of entry such as a ramp with a water wheelchair and chair lifts.

Requirements for aquatic therapy include pool attire (bathing suit or shorts and tee shirt, non-skid shoes like sandals or water shoes). Towels and lockers are provided. It is recommended you bring a lock for the lockers and any personal care items you need for after your session. Please refer to Participation Guidelines of the ARC for rules of entry into the pools and other information.

If you would like to schedule an appointment, please call 860.832.6258. If you have any specific questions or if you would like a tour of the Outpatient Rehabilitation and Aquatic Center, ask to speak with the Outpatient Rehabilitation Manager, or use the Contact Us page to send an email.