At the very least, spinal cord injuries can seriously impair your lifestyle. At their worst, they can change your life forever. Our goal is not just to treat the spinal cord patient, but to help them achieve the fullest recover possible and a happy, independent lifestyle.

Recovering from a serious spinal cord injury is a slow and difficult process. The fear and frustration of not being able to walk or sometime even breathe on your own can leave one feeling hopeless. It takes an unusual level of skill and commitment to help these patients overcome the psychological and physical barriers that can inhibit a full recovery.

Our spinal cord program is the only one in Connecticut nationally-accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) for the spinal cord system of care. CARF-accreditation assures patients and families that HSC has the resources and expertise to address the unique needs of spinal cord patients with the goal of maximizing functional status, independence, psychosocial adjustment and vocational/leisure skills.

HSC treats all levels of spinal cord dysfunction through its continuum of care, from ventilator management and interdisciplinary therapies to pain management and community re-entry. A comprehensive treatment plan is tailored to each individual by a dedicated rehabilitation team led by a board-certified spinal cord injury specialist.