Occupational and Physical Therapies will focus on improving strength and endurance by working on functional activities, exercises and by teaching compensatory skills. Therapeutic Recreation will address leisure interests, adaptations and community reintegration needs. Speech Language Pathology will be available on a consulting basis to address any unique needs related to swallowing or cognition.

Pharmacy and Nutritional Education

Pharmacists, as part of the Cardiac Care Team, will review medications with individual patients and their families, and counsel them on what to expect from their medications, including potential adverse effects. The pharmacists will answer the patient’s medication related questions, educate them on the importance of medication compliance and discuss other ways to stay healthy. Concurrently, a registered dietitian will also provide nutrition therapy aimed at improving the patient’s health and quality of life. A major focus of therapy is to provide the patient with the education and the tools needed to make healthy food choices and sustain a healthy diet and lifestyle for a long-term benefit.

Transition Planning

At HSC, our goal is to return patients to the community. Upon admission a transition plan is developed with each patient. Home care services and/or outpatient rehabilitation programs are established for patients prior to their discharge. Some patients may require additional inpatient rehabilitation at a subacute level of care. The discharge plan will be well-coordinated to enable the patient to receive appropriate follow up care in their community.

Case Management

A Case Manager will oversee the entire experience of both the patient and family from pre-admission activities through inpatient therapies and transition planning. The Case Manager will facilitate communication with the patient’s personal cardiologist, ensuring a smooth transition returning home.

HSC Resource Center

Hospital for Special Care’s Health Sciences Library and Resource Center is available to patients and their families both during their stay at HSC and after they return home. The Health Sciences Library and Resource Center provides links to health information on the Web, books on topics related to the patient’s condition, as well as information on accessing information through community resources, such as the public library. The librarian is available to assist patients and family, as well as other caregivers, in accessing information, answering questions, and identifying resources relevant to your specific needs.