Hospital for Special Care PresidentsDear Friends:

When Mayor George Coyle and Dr. William Watson founded The New Britain Rest Home in 1941, they never could have imagined how many great things we’d accomplish. From the Rest Home to the New Britain Memorial Hospital to Hospital for Special Care, our doors have welcomed thousands of patients from across the state and around the country; and at every step along the way our amazing staff has maintained our focus on rebuilding lives.

In partnership with the State of Connecticut, Hospital for Special Care has always been – and will continue to be – a safety net for our state’s most vulnerable patients. What began as a rest home for tuberculosis patients has grown into the fourth largest specialty hospital in the country; and in our 75 years, we have treated chronic illnesses ranging from polio in the 1940’s to autism spectrum disorder today.

Hospital for Special Care truly is a special place – and with your support, our successes will only continue to grow over the next 75 years!