Hospital for Special Care’s values of caring, integrity and pursuit of excellence includes an approach to spirituality that is respectful of all faith traditions and personal beliefs and regards various spiritual and religious symbols as representatives of positive energy, faith, and hope.

Our Chaplains

Hospital for Special Care (HSC) is concerned about all the dimensions of the lives of its patients, its staff and their loved ones. Accordingly, as members of the professional care team integrated into all treatment modalities, chaplains are available to address identified spiritual needs. Our chaplains "Care for the Human Spirit," are trained in inter-faith care to offer support and help to access peace or a divine presence in a time of change or distress through relationships, listening, words, prayer, actions, spiritual groups and worship. They have graduate academic credentials, advanced clinical training and are professionally accountable to their religious faith group, their certifying chaplaincy organization and HSC.

During your hospital stay, our chaplains can be a resource to help navigate life changes and support emotional and spiritual wellness. They offer spiritual and religious care and supportive presence to all who are in need. Our chaplains will maintain confidentiality. Chaplains can also provide spiritual services to HSC outpatients and are on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Whether it is a sudden crisis or mounting issues that people with illnesses, injuries or disabilities may encounter, a chaplain is available:
  • When you feel hopeless
  • When you feel discouraged
  • When you’ve heard some bad news
  • When you feel lonely
  • When you’re asking, why me?
  • When you’re facing difficult decisions
  • When your family is upset
  • When you feel afraid or angry
  • When you want someone to join you in prayer
  • When you want to receive sacraments
  • When someone close to you has died
  • When you need help

Meet Our Staff:

Thomas Anderson, Coordinator for Spiritual Care
Alan Lefkowitz, Rabbi
Janet Stoddard, Chaplain
Lyn Robinson, Volunteer Services/ and Pastoral Care Director
Marc Vranes, Chaplain

Volunteers play a vital role in spiritual care at HSC as Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion (Eucharistic Ministers), musicians and also assist in visiting patients. Additionally, a Catholic Deacon leads Holy Communion the last Sunday of each month and a Catholic priest is on call to respond to individual patients needs and will also offer Mass the first Tuesday of each month. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer click here.

Worship Services

Worship services are offered to all persons regardless of their affiliation.

Sunday worship
Services held regularly at 1:30 pm  •  2nd floor Patient Recreation Room.
Spirituality Groups
Tuesday, 1:30 pm  •  Trans Rehab Unit Day Room
Tuesday, 6:00 pm, recitation of the Rosary  •  Trans Unit Day Room
Special holidays and seasonal festivals with music are celebrated throughout the year.
Memorial services can be arranged by contacting a chaplain.
    Other Supportive Ministry includes
  • One-on-one spiritual support of patients
  • Eucharistic ministry throughout the week
  • Support of families
  • Presence for staff
  • Prayer

The Interfaith Chapel

This sacred space open to all at all times for prayer, meditation, and personal reflection may also be reserved through the chaplains for special religious, family or spiritual-health related services.

Reading material addressing various situations is available without charge to persons who are looking for help. Prayer requests can be left on the prayer board in the chapel and remembered in the daily prayers of the chaplains.

The Interfaith Chapel is located on the main level of the hospital.

Admission Info & Contact

The chaplaincy staff is available to visit by request. A chaplain is in the facility during the day Monday through Friday. If you are interested in spiritual support or any of the above services and would like to speak with a chaplain, you may call the Spiritual Care office at extension 4881 or 4882. If a chaplain is not available, please leave a message.

If your need is urgent, dial “0” for the telephone operator and ask that a chaplain be paged. Emergency on-call coverage is provided 24 hours a day in collaboration with the local religious community.