The Joy of Art! was created over ten years ago to support our mission of helping patients to achieve enduring improvements in all aspects of their recovery. HSC is widely recognized for its exceptional and caring work in short and long-term care rehabilitation. The objectives of The Joy of Art! are intended to enhance the quality of our patients' lives by providing a diverse selection of art for their enjoyment, and to strengthen the bond between HSC and the community by fostering relationships with talented artists.

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The Joy of Art! program is a multi-faceted initiative which includes:

  • “The Art Inventory” - offering patients a selection of artwork in our inventory for the enjoyment of the hospital environment
  • Multiple in-house art exhibitions affording patients, family members, visitors, staff, and members of the community the opportunity to enjoy beautiful artwork gracing the walls of the hospital
  • Fundraising through commission proceeds of sold exhibition artwork
  • Art therapy
Creative Expressions, a form of art therapy, is the latest addition to the Joy of Art! program. This dimension was a long-standing objective of the Joy of Art! mission. The enhanced program now also fosters patients' interests with cultivation of the arts in mind. HSC appreciates the value of art in the healing process. Its mission reflects the importance of this complement in combination with traditional therapies in recovery and an improved quality of life for patients. Creative Expressions initiative affords patients the opportunity to expand their creativity in the areas of painting, sculpture, art history, drawing and photography.


For more information about the Joy of Art! please call Hollie Randall at 860.827.4758.